SDX® System | by DYN'R


Zero in on a moving target.


The only system to pair direct lung volume measurement 
with clear bio-visual feedback



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Now in 30% of U.S. Proton Centers

as well a numerous top-level universities and treatment centers worldwide.

sparing nearby organs and allows for increased dosages.


in under one minute.


increases  patient DIBH confidence and technique mastery.


between treatment rooms & C.T.


Why top treatment centers choose 

the SDX® System by DYN'R

Reproducible positioning is the key to successful radiation treatment.

Though camera systems are easy to use, their main strength is patient positioning prior to treatment. But to what extent is the movement of the thorax a true reflection of what’s happening internally?


SDX® uses a direct measurement of lung volume, giving therapists  real-time internal information that enhances precision for all thoracic-abdominal cancer treatments.  SDX® spirometer and video goggles increase patient confidence and mastery of DIBH technique with 95% success.


Ensure your patients are benefitting from the best technique to target tumors while protecting nearby tissue.

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We chose the SDX® System to help avoid critical structures during radiation therapy treatments. It allows us to better serve our patients, has increased safety and the overall quality of radiation therapy treatments, especially during our SBRT cases. "

Cleveland Clinic — Florida

Precision is power.


Two years  after its introduction in the United States, SDX® has been chosen by one third of all U.S. Proton Centers... as well as top  treatment centers and universities worldwide.   


University of Pennsylvania

Miami Cancer Institute

University of Maryland 

University of California, San Francisco

...and many more

Additional features & benefits

The user friendly, ergonomic design and intuitive software makes the system extremely easy to operate.


Can be used for both voluntary breath hold and free breathing techniques

Synchronization options with all Varian treatment machines, IBA's Proteus Plus and Siemens Somatom.

Compatible with all types of treatment machines.

95% of patients are successful mastering the DIBH method guided by spirometer and visualization goggles.

The most effective spirometry-based gating device.

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"Consistently lowers the mean and maximum doses to the organs at risk by about 15-30% and significantly reduces the treated target volume."


Dosimetric Comparisons between Breath-hold and Non-Breath-hold Plans in Proton Therapy (Maryland Proton Treament Center, 2019)

"Shows statistically significant decreases in heart and LAD dose metrics over all patients and is a valuable adjunct to modern breast treatment techniques."


Clinical experience using a video-guided spirometry system for deep inhalation breath-hold radiotherapy of left-sided breast cancer  (Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, 2015)

"Tumor motion is minimized by the use of SDX and DIBH for patients with a tumor more than 1 cm."


Can proton beam therapy be clinically relevant for the management of lung cancer  (Translational Cancer Research, 2015)


Specializing in spirometry and respiratory measurement for over 30 years

Using their expertise in this area, the DYN’R team developed the SDX® System to serve an essential function in tumor motion management, now being used worldwide by advanced treatment centers and institutions to more accurately treat thoraco-abdominal cancers.

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